Wild Food Cafe

When I was a 3 month old baby vegan, I had the incredulous task of internationally travelling- while vegan. As someone who prefers to cook the majority of her own meals, to say a full week out and about in three different countries was a daunting task would be a vast understatement. Wild food cafe in London on my second day in the United Kingdom, was my first time at an entirely vegan establishment.

Everyone in this restaurant extremely welcoming and warm, despite the hustle and bustle! This lovely cafe that sits at the top of the stairs pictured, is a quaint little spot frequented by many with the sun shining right onto their tables. I had for a quick lunch the samurai burger (pink olives, dulse, shiitake, umeboshi, kimchi, chickpea tofu, teriyaki sauce, wasabi guacamole, aubergine) and the think pink (pomegranate milk, hibiscus, rose, rhubarb, pear, apple) juice. Because, who doesn’t love a fresh juice.

I ate it alongside my omni friends at a pizza place next door, which I was happy to find for the future had vegan options as well.

After a fun few days in London, I found first hand that it is a great place to be vegan.