All Bar One

When my friends and I were exhausted from a day of wondering about london, we stumbled upon this restaurant. I am aware they are a chain, and we went to the one in Leicester square. I have never been to a American non-vegan restaurant where the menu’s were labelled as to clearly see what was vegetarian and vegan, so I really appreciated this as my group’s resident vegan. So from what I know the story with All Bar One, is that they offered a few amazing vegan options for Veganuary. It just so happened that those menu options were so well received, they kept them on the menu. I had the pleasure of trying some of their Vegan options last spring and it was a wonderful night. I ordered the superfood salad, the patatas bravas, and for dessert the rasberry sorbet. I felt so spoiled, to get to have an appetizer, entree and dessert in a non-vegan restaurant. I was on cloud 9 that night, as everything was delicious.