Building your Summer Salad with Yogurt Vinaigrette

Sometimes it just gets a little too hot to cook. That usually is not enough to stop me, but today refreshing hydrating greens was what the doctor ordered.


A big bowl full of your favorite greens (I used a juicing blend of 3 different greens)

1 Orange Bell Pepper (or yellow, red, green)

Sliced mini cucumbers (about 4 or more)

6 or a good handful of quartered campari tomatoes

6 or a good handful of sliced fresh strawberries

1/4 cup of sliced almonds

Gardein Chick’n strips, seitan or other meat replacement (optional)

5.3 oz tub of Silk soy strawberry yogurt

1/4 tablespoons of vinegar

4-5 strawberries with the tops chopped off (for vinaigrette)

3/4 cup of olive oil


Blend your vinegar, strawberries with the tops off, olive oil and strawberry soy yogurt to make your vinaigrette; set aside.

Throw your fresh chopped, sliced and diced veggies, and vegan chick’n strips into your greens and toss well.