100% Plant Based Spring Rolls

You are what you eat, so eat life instead of death for lunch! These spring rolls are packed with veggies, and are complimented by sweet hoisin sauce with a spicy kick from the garlic chili sauce. The cilantro and mint give the spring rolls a delicious authentic taste, with added health benefits as well.  This is a super healthy quick lunch, that is also deliciously filling.


Red Cabbage

1/2 cup of carrots julienne

1 cup of cooked rice noodles

1 avocado sliced

1/4 of a cucumber sliced

1/4 cup of sliced bell pepper

2 tablespoon of hoisin sauce

1 tablespoon of chili garlic sauce

1/4 cup of mint leaves

1/4 cup of cilantro

4-6 pieces of spring roll rice paper


Dip the rice paper into warm water for about 5 seconds, before moving carefully onto a plate. In the center start with whichever veggie you want to show up on top of your spring roll, like in the photo. For instance, you can start with two slices of cucumber, some rice noodles, a small spoonful of hoisin, a dab of chili sauce, and then your bell pepper, red cabbage, carrot, avocado and finally cilantro and mint before rolling it up. First you’ll roll your paper from one side covering the filling, then you will fold the bottom and top towards the middle. Next you will tuck the filling under slightly before rolling over and closing the roll. You can mix up your ingredients in any fashion inside the spring roll, I would recommend keeping the sauces on top of the rice noodles. Not every spring roll you will come across actually has sauce inside, but I preferred it this way. If you wish you can leave your sauces out for dipping instead.

Get creative moving the ingredients around, or switching it up with new ingredients and enjoy!